He said he didn't call because he fell asleep, should I believe him?

I have been talking to this guy for about a week now. On our first date someone hit my car, he said he seen I was in a bad spot and that he wanted to be there for me. Then we hungout a couple days later he took me to the movies and bought me food. I met his sister and brother and he had me spend the night because now I have no taillight from the accident. Well Monday (yesterday) he said he was going to call me, he told me to call him in 15mins around 7pm. I said, no you call me, he said okay. 8pm rolls around I messaged him have a goodnight and nothing, I woke up to a text saying I fell asleep, which I think is bogus because after I left Sunday he disappeared for 4hrs saying he took a nap.


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  • just give him the benefit of the doubt. do get your tailight fixed though coz its not just about driving at night


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