Have you ever been on a baecation? If so, where?

Is that a new term for travelling out of town with your partner or something? I saw someone say they were on baecation and they went to Miami I thought couples were traveling out of the country or something when they were saying it lol.


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  • If it is a new term, then I went on one when I went to Croatia 😂

    • That’s what I like to hear lol at least you went on a vacation out of the country. Their going to simple places. I would think if you guys are really into each other you’ll take the time to plan a better vacation lol.

    • It all does depend on money too! But yeah if you can afford to go away properly then you definitely should!

    • Yea it does but so many young couples rush to go just for the pictures and sex instead of taking their time and saving money to go somewhere better and explore and actually enjoy the vacation and not just take pictures of the hotels, drinks, the plane and the bed and just to go to Miami.

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