What does he want?

One month ago I have met a guy online. He is new to the city as myself. I wrote him first. He offered we meet. He didn't recognize me at first which is not something that happens to me often, I have few pictures on my profile and quite new ones (I didn't gained weight or anything). We were talking for 3 hours, he said he wants to see me again, kissed me on the cheek and walked me to the bus stop. He wrote me and asked for my phone number. We talked a little and then I left for a week for holidays to my hometown.
He didn't contact me for 6 days, I thought I will reach out first. He asked if we can meet when I'll be back.
He asked me for a date, bought me a rose, it was nice. Then he asked me again, he offered to go to the cinema. The day of the date he was not contacting me at all, he wrote one hour before thst he will buy the tickets and see me there. At first he was a bit weird, then a bit better.
Then he asked me out but I was upset with him and canceled so he asked me for a trip. I decided to give it a shot. Now he wants to go out with me again. He keeps physical (no touch except of goodbye kiss on the cheek barrier). At the beginning I asked him what he's looking for and he said "something long term". We meet 1-2 times a week, he writes me only to ask me out, the meetings last about 3 hours. We feel good in our company I think.
Do you have a clue what does he want? Do I provide him validation, am I his backburner? Why does he keep contacting me? Should I ask him, end the things, wait a bit longer?


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