What does he mean?

He said when we first met he only wanted sex but over time things have changed. What does that supposed to mean?


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  • Things change adapt and grow or. Go

    • He was meaning as he wants more than sex now?

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    • Thanks.

    • Ask the Good Lord to Bless your efforts and thank him dear im glad for all of you

What Girls Said 2

  • He MIGHT want a relationship or realized he likes you as a person now. <3 Like my ex always said, "Sex without emotional attachment is meaningless after awhile." :'(

    • Is it really possible to not like someone in a dating aspect but then actually want to date them after a while? I just feel so out of place because I liked him every since we met and he straight up said that'll never be more than friends with benefits and now he seems to want more.

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    • We did the whole "let's not talk anymore" thing so I don't know now.

    • Dont worry all will be well dear

  • he thought u were a easy person in the beginning , but at the time you guys keep hanging out he wants more then sex like a relationship?
    but if he doesn't say i want a relationship with you, then move on?

    • No, first of all. We both agreed to be friends with benefits but then stopped, a couple of nights ago he told me when we first met he was only wanting to hook up but things have changed over time.

    • i see , it just sounds mind gaming

    • Right, I think I'm going to move on. Thanks.

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