Guy friend just blocked me?

by the way I have a story for you. I known this kid was like 10 years. We only been friends. He dated my really good friend back in the day. He has always told me he likes me, but I usually just ignore him. Yesterday we hung out and he told me he broke up with his girlfriend and he will never get back with her. I told him yes he will. He was telling me when we were hanging out that he liked me and he wanted to kiss me. We were talking back sex half the time. But anyways. I told him I will not do anything with him because he dated my friend. And although I’m not friends with her anymore I feel like it was ethically wrong just because they were very serious. He stayed outside my house was like 10 mins. He told me he respected the choice. We were talking later that day and he asked me how my overnight shift was. I was like good. He told me he got back with his girlfriend too that same night. Then like today he blocked me today like a day later wtf


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  • Years of friends ship does n't qualify loyalty. He's just an asshole.


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