Girls, I have a good bio and a good picture on tinder but I still haven’t gotten any matches what’s wrong?


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  • That wouldn't catch my attention. Try thinking outside the box a little bit. A very high percentage of guys like "playing sports and hanging out with friends" that doesn't particularly make you stand out. Think about what a girl would want to do if she was with you. Would she want to watch you play sports and hang out with friends?


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  • Are you sure its a good bio and picture? You might think its great but it could be coming off wrong

    • My name is Eli, I’m 6”4 and 18 years old. I love playing sports and hanging out with friends. I’m looking for a lovely lady to take out and spend some time with. Add me on Snapchat @ ~~~~~~~~ . That’s my bio

    • It's to basic and doesn't have a grab your attention moment.
      Check this out:

      Gives some examples to add some punch to your bio so it doesn't look like everyone elses

  • Tinder sucks. Try real life interaction


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