Is it wrong to put love before logic?

I’m in love with someone I have no right to love.

We only met once for a week, but we’ve been messaging almost every day for the past seven months. Among many other things, he’s funny, compassionate, handsome, and motivates me to live a happy and fulfilled life. No one has ever made me feel so comfortable and loved.

But he lives in a different country- a third world country at that- and we don’t speak the same language (I speak his a bit, but I’m far from fluent). My parents want me to find someone else with whom I can have a normal relationship.

He’s very important to me (he’s my first love), but being with him feels impossible. I feel trapped.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Long distance relationships almost never work out, and that is just with living an hours drive away, let alone living in a different country. At 19 you are still very young and you will have many opportunities to meet someone that you can love who also lives nearby.

    And I hate to break it to you but "true love" or "soul mate" is a made up concept that is pushed by Disney and Hollywood. You can grow to love any man who you choose to spend time and form a bond with.

    • Yeah, I don’t believe in true love. I do believe that different people will have different levels of compatibility with one another.

  • Alright for me... you should already know. Im a HUGE hopeless romantic. If i see an oppurtunity for love imma go for it. What do i have to lose? Love is worh the risk 100% there is no logical explanation about how you feel and dont let things get in the way of your love for someone whether it be school or work because that is all excuses. If you truly love someone you will fight through all the hard work as long as you stick together and maintain a good relationship or balance. Communicate trust and patience is the key for all of this. I don't know. I probably droaned on sorry.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My opinion, if there is a way to facetime or Skype him, do it, just to see if he’s real. However, even if he is, yes, be practical. You deserve someone you can enjoy more than a phone conversation with. Do not put your life aside, you could be missing out on someone who is willing to take you out on a date, share a movie with or even a slice of cheesecake!


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What Guys Said 3

  • He's cat fishing you. You only know what he tells you. You don't know him. You shouldn't try to make a long distance relationship work. You aren't dating him. You're dating a piece of technology, if he isn't next to you then you aren't getting human connections that are what real relationships are about. Date someone else, if he wants to become relevant then he can move or show it. Right now he's probably just exploiting you for when he's lonely, for conversation, entertainment, nudes, and fantasies.

    • Isn’t that last part an element of dating? Using one another to satisfy certain needs, like companionship and sex?

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    • Ok, that makes sense.

    • Point to is that you should get out and live your lives separate because you won't live life to the fullest if you have try try to connect with someone world away.

  • Love is worth the risk. Trust your emotions

    • How do you keep faith in your emotions when every logical probability is telling you that it won’t happen?

    • I won't listen to every logical probability

  • Love if its real is a treasure. Go for it


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't want to be a bitch but scamming people with supposed love is literally a giant business in some 3rd world countries. Be careful. If he asks for money, be suspicious

    • That’s a reasonable concern. He’s never asked for money, and I wouldn’t give it to him. I only ask this question from an emotional perspective.

    • I personally don't belive in long distance relationships. Nur ypu wouldn't be the first one who could make it work

    • Thanks for your advice. By the way, you weren’t bitchy, you were just honest.

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