We haven't talked in 6 days. I guess it's over?

I'm pretty sure it's over since it's been 6 days but I'm just a little shocked.

So my guy has time management issues. He shows up late and plans are always screwy. He travels 2.5 hours to see me and I appreciate that. It's just that he doesn't leave on time and or doesn't let me know he's going to be late in an appropriate time and can be dismissive. That's my biggest issue. I'm always running late for things so I can't completely fault him. It's how he communicates his lack of time management is what really gets under my skin. When he called me to let me know he was going to be late (messing up our dinner plans) he could tell I was frustrated. He said why can't we just order food and stay in. I told him no, I want to go out (because he's late plans are usually messed up so I wanted to go out). He then said I was acting childish and started making jokes that I didn't find funny. He said he promised we would go out and I said I don't believe and said, "are you serious?". I said it again, "I don't believe you." He said, "You're doing the most. I'm not coming" I said, "okay" and he said, "okay" then hung up.

We haven't talked since then and that was 5 days ago. It was weird a few days before then he had asked me what kind of ring I liked and we exchanged pictures of rings that I like. He even mentioned how it was out of his tax bracket. I know he wasn't asking me about rings because he meant it in a serious way as if he was thinking about marriage, I know he was just curious about what I like. However, it was nice that the conversation didn't freak him out.

Again, I guess it's over right? I'm just a little shocked and hurt that it's over so abruptly like that without a proper ending. Just sucks :/


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