What does he want from me?

I met this guy and we seemed to get on well. He approached me first and asked if i was with anyone. He has a girlfriend. We got to the point where we'd always spend time together chatting each time we saw each other. All of a sudden he started avoiding me but still kept am eye on where I was. He know what time I will be at a certain place and is there and will look over but avoid me as I've tried to talk to him to ask what I've done. We have not argued at all. Last weekend he rocked up where we used to bump into eachother and I avoided him, going well out of my way to not annoy him. He must have watched where I went and tracked me until our eyes met.. He even spun round whilst walking to look for me. This weekend same time he was waiting where he could spot me whichever which direction I arrived from. If he doesn't want no to talk or seems to avoid getting within a certain distance.. What does he want?


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