So I honestly am confused about if he really likes me?

So I've been friends with this guy, more on an acquaintance level, we went out one night, we had a good time. He text me right after he left saying he had a great time and told me watch this movie. Ever since that night he has texted me a few times on his own and messaged me on Instagram, likes my photos. Yesterday morning he text me saying he wants to take care of his girls and come take me and my daughter out again, super left field, and I even asked him if he had the correct person. He said yes, he said that he wanted to see if he was friend zoned. I told him no, I'm interested in him. He said okay that that is what he was hoping I'd say. Cool. However he never even text me, nothing. I text him this morning and he replies fast however never ask me questions about anything. He doesn't reply with short answers. I'm super confused. I mean is he really interested or just trying to keep me in the loop?
He also mentioned that he wants to be with me. But like how do you know that after 1 date?


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