Do guys go on vacation with any girl or is it reserved for someone special or someone that you’re dating?


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  • I think that depends on exactly what kind of vacation you're talking about.

    I've gone on vacation with women that are just friends and we had fun together and there was nothing sexual at all. Certainly I'll only go with people I think I'm compatible enough with that I will enjoy being around them a lot during the vacation, so in that way I guess they are special, but they don't have to be a romantic partner for me to do it.

    • okay so would you take a girl you’re just talking to but not dating to like Miami or something? I’ve heard of guys doing that lol.

    • It would have to be someone I knew reasonably well. I've traveled with women that were platonic friends, but wouldn't do it with someone I'd just met.

      Is this a guy you're interested in and you're concerned that the two of them are going to have a romantic trip?

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