Guys, What kind of girl would you do these things with/for? What’s your preference?

What kind of girl would you take home to meet your mother or family? What girl will you travel the world with or go on a vacation with? What kind of girl do you see yourself marrying and actually sharing a home and life with?(if you plan on getting on married.)


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  • Someone thats loyal and don't cheat. That being said, she should be honest, got my back alway, not bitchy/rude, can take care of herself, clever, compassionate. Shit that's girl to die for. But I think they're extinct so to ask for it seems like asking much \(o. O)/

    • Well idt they are extinct lol. I see so many guys on social media post about their girl saying how real they are and how lucky they are to have them in their life and wouldn’t want to lose them and they treat them like princesses or they’ll mention the things they want to do for them and with them in the future but then again those same girls might really not be as great as they claim they are who knows lol.

    • Lol I exaggerated a little bit. But you get my point though.

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