I moved in with my boyfriend and have no problem but now I’m considering marriage to be years from now. Is living with him a bad idea?

so here’s the picture
-we are both 21
- I love this guy and don’t feel a need to see other people
- he says the same and wants to array me but I told him I wanted to wait 1-2 more years.
-we’ve been together for a year and one month
-we moved in together after being together for four months
-we are both happy but realize somethings still need to be worked on
- we work on communicating

So basically I realize 21 is a young age and neither of us are financially stable for a family or home yet. I’m still in college and am co side ring waiting till my late 20s to get married. So is living with him not a good idea at this point?


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  • I see the situation and see a load of bad points, but every case is different so chances are some of this "bad" points don't apply to you.

    Living together with the person you will marriage is like the internship in the job you want to take. Is an opportunity to be hands on and see if is really what you want. So is it a bad idea? Not really sure, we have to consider other factors.

    You are both 21: very young to marry. Have you both had another partners before starting the relationship? It matters.

    Yes you love him but you have been with him only 1 year, most marriages don't cross the 7 year gap because the love flame goes out.

    Smart decision, marriage in church is one of the stupidest things humans have invented. I will prefer to put those 10k in my future kid college savings than marry, heck even take my girlfriend to a few romantic vacation with that money. The government consider you as a legal couple after a few years if you have not marry lawfully so nothing to worry about. And most experts agree that around the age of 30 is the perfect time for marriage and around that time to have children.

    You both moved together together too soon, but hey it is has work out and has been great for you both in the bills that is great!

    And yes problems in the relationship are gonna be constant. It will matter if you both can solve them or not. But when you feel things are really getting out of hand, is better to sit down and have a talk before problems become to big to handle.

    Yes, living with him at this moment is perfect. You are suppose to wait at least 6 months before considering to move because if things go wrong it is too much of a hussle to move out in such a short notice. But you took the gamble and won. I say you stay there, is good for both financially and basically that is what been marriage is all about, there is nothing magical, just the comfort of living together and knowing you will always have someone to support you in the bad moment and you could start a family if you choose to.

    Hope that helps, goodluck ✌️


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