He deserves better than me? Why is he with me?

And he's been amazing to me. Hasn't pressured me into sex. Drives an hour to see me. Takes me in public opens doors for me sometimes. Calls me beautiful. He said we make a good couple. He said he hopes we last forever and he started talking about kids. But.. I have this worry he might be talking to another girl? Would he go through all this trouble if he was talking to someone else? Like I met his family and friends. Whenever half naked girls run down my street. All the guys look at them. And stare. My boyfriend deserves better. And prettier. I'm 5ft and weigh over 200 lbs. We've been dating for 8 months. He probably lowered his standards for me.. my mom said "I'm surprised he hasn't said anything yet" about my weight..


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  • Dame, did your mom seriously said that?
    Anyways, it would be nice to know a few things about you too. What age are you both? Are you his first girlfriend? Is he virgin or you?

    It matters to know this because those are some factors that greatly affect teens & young adults. The first love is never forgotten and the one that is felt the hardest. Then having sex for the first time gives you an instant connection with the other person.

    But anyways, so you are worried that he deserves better. 🤔

    There is different approaches that people can give you. For example:

    1. Yes he deserve better because your apparences.
    2. No he is great with you, and you should stop having the wrong idea and just be with him.
    3. if you think he deserves better probably he does because you don't consider yourself worthy enough for him and that is no relationship material.
    4,5,6 ... The list go on.

    I think you shouldn't worry so much and I stead act. Take problem by problem and fix it. By this I mean, you worry he might be talking to another girls well sit down with him and talk about it. Then jump to the next problem, you want someone prettiest for your boyfriend, well become prettier for him. Drive more water, eat healthier, take care of your skin and lose weight. Perhàbs get some boody by exersising. Meaning become what you believe your boyfriend deserves. And don't worry in the long run you will be so thankful that you decide to make those changes. Mentally and physically you will improve.

    P. s: Of he has already taken you to meet his family and friends, that a really really good sign things are working out.

    Goodluck ✌️


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