I feel drawn to a girl I stumbled upon on Instagram and I wanna try to make a connection with her, but she lives in another city. What should I do?

So this may sound creepy, or maybe even pathetic, but I could use some insight on this. I'm fully prepared to be made fun of for my situation. In fact, I'm expecting it.

I'm 19 and for as long as I could remember, I could never seem to fit in with the people of my generation. I've met some pretty great people my own age but for the most part, I feel like I connect very little with other 19 year-olds. A majority of the ones I'm exposed to either smoke, drink or party every week. Whereas I spend my Friday nights reading, playing music (guitar and bass), and meeting up with friends on occasion.

I'm at a point mentally get back out there and give dating a try after being single for nearly a year. I've been to social gatherings and as sad as it sounds, tried different dating apps. I met some great people, but I haven't had any luck meeting anyone I've been interested in romantically.

Nearly a month ago I found this girl my age on Instagram who posts these amazing and powerful works of art on her page. I was really impressed and moved by her work so decided to follow her. Not only is she a talented artist, but she's beautiful as well. I would love to send her a message and try to start a conversation, but her account says that she's a freelance artist and only accepts messages for business inquiries only. Another "issue" is that she lives in Tampa which is almost 3 hours from where I live, so that makes the possibility of meeting her in person very slim.

Since I can't message her I'm left having to only admire her art and the captions she writes. The more I do this and the more I learn about the kind of person she is through Instagram, the more drawn to her I get. I know that sounds stupid, but it's true. The only way I could think to try and talk to her is through Snapchat. Her username is in her bio but I don't use Snapchat.

If I could get some insight on this, I would appreciate it. Should I attempt to talk to her on SC? or let all this go without even trying.


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  • Message her? Would recommend becoming friends with her first though. Trying to flirt with a random girl you've never spoken to before would be a bit odd.

    • I agree, that is odd. But the only I could become friends with her is by messaging her. I wasn’t going to flirt right off the bat... I was gonna talk to her about art and music... a common interest of ours.

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    • Thanks for your opinion, I really appreciate. Also I know it’s really long, but did you read the additional details with my question?

    • Yes I did. Message her on SC and see how it goes. Talk about her art.

  • I think you should try.


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