Should I swipe right? (Tl;dr: my coworker is on bumble and I think he likes me)?

Long version:
When I started my job almost two years ago I noticed this guy and I thought he was adorable. Not my type but cute. I had a boyfriend at the time so I never really payed much attention to him but I got the feeling that he liked me. A year later I thought I heard him mentioning a girlfriend, so again I didn't really pay him any mind.

I broke up with my boyfriend 7 months ago and still, didn't pay any mind to the guy at my job. I was pretty positive that he liked me after all of this time but he literally talked to everyone except me. I shrugged it off and I thought he had a girlfriend.

2 months ago I was on tinder and saw him on there. So he was single? I was pretty sure he swiped on me but I was not about to play those games. He had an advantage over all guys on tinder... he literally saw me every week. If he liked me he could say something.

I deleted the app a few days later and started wondering if I would date him. It turns out I think we'd actually make a good couple but I also didn't want to date a coworker. I planned on getting a new job anyway, so I was trying to think of ways to get alone with him so I could give him my number.

Fast foward to now. We haven't ever been alone in almost 2 years and I still haven't caught him. At some point I even considered emailing his work email but I really don't want someone at this small nosy office finding out.

Today I just saw him on bumble and I still don't want to play these silly games but should I show interest this way, if it turns out he does like me?

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I checked and he does like me. All I have to do is match us but I'm afraid of things getting weird at work if things don't work out. Maybe I'll tell him I like him but work makes it weird. Hopefully I have a new job by November 😂


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