I feel like my boyfriend basically ignored me today. Do I have reason to be upset though?

We live together. Today was his day off.

I was at college, I sent him a picture of a dress I liked and asked what he thought if I wore it... but he just liked it on messenger and didn’t respond. I said ok?

He said sorry he was busy making music so he didn’t really look at the text.

Okay cool. I understood and let it go. I messaged him 5 hours later and told him I was thinking about him and missed him. He didn’t respond, but of course I didn’t make a deal out of it.

I call him him cause I needed something from home, no answer. Then he calls me later saying he was busy with music stuff.

Im mad cause he basically didn’t bother to make time to respond for one minute.


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  • Does he constant ignore you? What are the patterns in his behavior?

    • Depends. Over text, I sometimes send him memes and he doesn’t really respond to those. Over text so, times they’re ignored and sometimes not.

      Overall he usually doesn’t ignore me

    • Is how he responds to texts, etc. more important than how he treats you in person?

    • No... I suppose not

  • ''We live together. Today was his day off. ''

    Not only was it his day off from work, it was his day off from you. This is why he acted the way that he did.

    • 🙁is that normal?

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    • Actually he’s an extrovert and just a few months

    • Then that is very strange. Having said that, extroverts still need a break every now and then.

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