Should I tell my boyfriend that what he said sort of bothered me?

I told my boyfriend that I was frustrated about something and all he said was "Oh stop it." I feel sort of dismissed. Should I tell him that it bothered me? Or should I let it go?


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  • That's really not enough info for me to make a conclusion. What were you frustrated about?

    • @shortcircuit I told them that I was frustrated with an exam I am studying for and I told them I honestly never wanna study the subject ever again. I wanted to be comforted and their response to that was "Oh stop it." I then said "Lol did what I say annoy you or sound like I was complaning?" And their response was "Nah" and it sort of bothered me.

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  • What do u think?

    • I dont know that is why I am asking? I dont want to make something a big deal tho if I am... should I?

    • If it upset you you should definitely tell him

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