I lied to my friend about him and he knows it, did I fuck it up?

He is friend of my beat friend’s husband. The other day when we were with co workers my bestie asked about that guy and even thiugh that he hasn’t texted me since Monday i didn’t want my co workers to think I was desperate and lied to mg best friend that he actually texts me everyday and as if I sometimes don’t even open his texts. I know I am very stupid but the trouble is she told it to her husband and of course he’d tell it to his friend and he’ll see how i am lying 😂
And all this just because I didn’t want my coworkers to know the truth.

I told the truth to my bestie later but maybe it is late now. I have no idea. The guy I am talking about is a very mature man, he never kisses and tells and here I am stupid, liar and talkative.
Any thoughts? Roast me if you want


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  • So do you expect a sex or relationship with him?

    • Relationship of course

    • first of all dont think yourself that you are stupid... We are humans.. everyone has needs and desires... Nothing wrong that you want love in your life...

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