If a girl liked one of your old posts on instagram would you think It's weird?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month and a few weeks. We haven't kissed or hooked up but he put his arm around me recentley and I let him. Over text he told me that he likes hanging out with me and is starting to really like me.

I was looking through his photos on instagram and I accidentily liked one of his photos from like a year ago, I quickly unliked it. I'm so fucking embarassed and I'm suppose to see him tomorrow.


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  • lol nothing to worry about this.. this isn't a serious issue... babes ;)

    • Lol I am mortified. I would like to find a little dark corner to crawl in right now.

    • well in my opinion, your behaviour is cute, innocent and i dont find it awkward.

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  • Providing you unliked it, chances are he hasn't seen the notification and it's probably been deleted (notification)


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