Is it just a fling?

I had what many would call a "fling" with one of my guy friend's younger brother who lives/goes to school 300 miles from me. They both crashed at my apartment for the weekend and we hung out a lot. I developed a crush on him and after we got buzzed at a party we kinda just hooked up. I told him I liked him and he said the same. He also said he wasn't with me just because he was drunk. So we had a really good night and he left for home in the morning. I want and am hoping for more out of the relationship but one of my guy friends says it's not gonna happen because, from a guy's perspective, he wouldn't want to be tied down during college and starting a relationship with long distance doesn't work. He also thought the guy was "too confident" but immature, which I didn't really think so. So now I just want to know if you guys think the same as my friend or if guys really just see these things as a simple fling.


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  • I believe your friend is right. whether it was a fling or not . that is what it needs to be left or looked at as. He's off to college and his head will be there only. Don't waste your time looking into the situation any deeper. -- if he wanted a long distane relation it would have came up in conversation before he bounced out on you.