Guys, would you text a girl soon after your first date if you are not planning on going on a second date?

As my title says, is it just a nice gesture to do or that shows you're interested? At the end of our date he already said stuff like, thank you again it was nice meeting you! and as i thought i'm prob not going to see hin again he texted say he had a great time. thought?
updated: I replied, sure, hit me up if you wanna do something fun again! then he replied: sure! let me know! ok but this doesn't sound very date-y? more like friendly vibe to me?


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  • No, I wouldn't contact her at all.

    I agree that "Sure! Let me know!" doesn't sound like he's keen for a second date. If he were then he would have made either proposed another meeting or said something like "I'm busy this weekend, but next weekend looks good. I'll get back to you on Tuesday."

    • However, some young guys are pretty nervous talking to women, so it's possible his brain just wasn't working and he really would like to see you again. If you like him, then just ask him out yourself.

    • yes, but the problem is we did not really set out any concrete plan yet, it's not like i asked him"do you wanna do xx this weekend?"but i get what you are saying!

    • haha i don't think he is like that! I think he is just more casual so i do not really want to be to formal by asking him to do a specific yet.. not until i'm sure of his intentions!(only hang out or more per say)

  • Nah usually I wouldn´t text. Only if she gave me hints that she wanted a second date would I text her something like "Was nice to meet you. Hopefully your week goes well"

    • ok! I did not say anything at the end, we had an awkward ending like, so... it was nice seeing you, thank you , see ya lol

    • Yeah that usually is enough to let guys off easily :D

  • I wouldn't "give the girl hope", that just seems mean. Maybe try to set a date for your next date and see when he has time for you, it usually says a lot.


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