He keeps telling this other girl is not his cup of tea?

So this guy I like knows I like him a lot. But there’s another girl trying to get in the road of that all the time. And he has told me a few times that she, is not his cup of tea but he will hang with her online for hours on end and only give me a little of his time so I’m confused by this atm. Plus can a guy buy a girl something if he only likes her as a friend to?


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  • are you sure he isn't gay and she isn't just his besty

    • Lol oh trust me I know he isn’t gay 😉 I’m just asking because I hardly get to talk with him and when I do she goes out of her way to invite him to her chat instead, and he’s always calling her names like slut, ugly etc and she lies to him a lot as well and has tried to say I added stuff to a message to her and other time that I didn’t send a message to her that he had ask me to send her and he keeps deleting and re-adding her all the time as well.

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    • it would be interesting to know what he is playing at but i think one thing is certain... he is infact playing some kind of game

    • I had thought that a few times but this chick is a bit mess up in the head he told her that his ex had self harm and losing a his best friend to it and she actually used that against him to, so I think that’s why he can’t decide what to do with her atm. plus there’s the fact she keeps lying to him and trying to get us to fight and stop talking again to.

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