How can I stop being so quiet?

I've been out on dates with different guys and they all say I'm too quiet. I ask them questions about themselves but they notice that I'm not saying much about myself.

The problem is is that I'm African American and I belong to youtube and facebook groups that discuss black women empowerment, colorism, racism, sexism, etc and when I discuss these things it makes people dislike me and I come across too militant. I only discuss it online. So I remain kinda quiet because I don't want to rub my dates the wrong way. But what are some other interests I can talk about that can make me interesting?


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  • Talk about run-of-the-mill crap everyone can relate to.

    When you begin to trust each other, discuss the ideas you discuss online and see what he thinks.

  • You could try developing new interests instead of surrounding yourself by a hate bubble echo chamber online. You'll find that the world isn't nearly as bad as your echo chamber would have you believe.


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