How do you rebuild a relationship after being apart for a while?

I recently started talking to a girl I dated in highschool, and it's been 7 years since we last dated, and 3 since we last saw each other.
How do I rebuild a friendship and eventually try to date her again?


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  • Start over. You have a whole new world of adulthood to explore with her without high school dynamics in play.

    You can reminisce about high school, but don’t over do it. Make it about the then and now.

    How would you hang out with any other new female adult?

    • Well, it's just that we have bad history together, I'm amazed she even let me apologize to her, much less have a conversation with me

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    • That's a good idea. Even though we're two hours away?

    • Why not? I lived in a town where it was 2 hours away just to go shopping other than Walmart.

  • Come to me, as yourself. And just talk with me. I'm sure we can work it all out. here's our start. New clean slate. I still...
    I've never stopped loving you.


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  • At this age and with that much time, isn't it much like starting fresh? Or are you bringing negatives front he past forward with you?

    • I'm worried the negatives will carry over or be a thing that she remembers a lot.

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    • Because, she's my first love, and I'm just hoping it'll go this way. I don't anticipate it going that way, but I'm amazed she's in my life at the moment

    • good luck with that

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