Is he in love or lust?

I have been dating someone exclusively for 2 months, I asked him if he wants us to be really official, he said he doesn't want to make it long term because both of us are graduating and looking for jobs. He has never brought me to his family , but I also know that his last girlfriend only met his parents once in 2 years. He is really conservative and live a life without social media. He will try to meet my expectations if I ask and help me out with my problem if I resort to him. But all the well planned dates and little surprises were given by me. If I have to say it's more like I play the role of men in this relationship. I think my gut feeling tells me he doesn't love me, but just lust me. But just wondering if it can turn into more


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  • i think you should probably just give him some time... also isn't lust used for when someone only wants you for sexual activities (pls correct me if im wrong)


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