Help me, I don’t know what to do?

Been talking to a boy online for about 2 years on and off, via FaceTime video chat, text etc. We agreed to start a clean slate and make more effort with each other, he told me he loved me, he suddenly went cold on me and start blaming it on health issues. I see a friend on his Instagram story put a video up of him in bed under the covers with a co worker, it looked liked they been kissing and cuddling. I feel so upset, the story was deleted. I messaged him saying he should of told me he had feelings for her and that I want him to be happy, but wished he was honest. He hasn’t replied to my message but he has seen it. What should I do I’m really struggling to deal with this!


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  • Having health issues is no excuse to go cold on someone. If anything, that would have given him motivation to tell you he wasn't feeling well if that's really the case. It's really unfortunate that he hid this from you since he claims to love you but his actions say differently otherwise. I'd wait to see what he says first, if he replies back that is. That'll let you know what course of action to take next in this situation. Personally, if he has been kissing and cuddling with another woman, that just shows where his priorities are, putting you on the back burner. If he's not going to give you your undivided attention romantically, it may be best to move on from him to someone who's more caring and loving of you.


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  • Cut him off. He already made it clear to you that he's not interested and rather play games with you than to make some move that actually puts the two of you in a serious relationship. Talking to a guy for 2 years on and off and he never made it official to be in a real relationship? He's just keeping you on tab.


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  • Let it go

    • Do you reckon he ever cared? Or just feels embarrassed I found out?

    • He may be in a relationship with her and she doesn't want him talking to you. It could be anything. It's just not worth stressing over though

  • Let it go.


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