What is his deal and is he planning to be with me?

So my guy friend is in another country going to school and he told me the other day that if things were different with our lives that he could see himself marrying me. Not sure if he was actually trying to say he wants to make things official after some time or what but he told me he isn't interested in anyone else and that he's fine with just talking to me. He also said if he wasn't interested in me, he wouldn't had kept talking to me when he left to go to another country.


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  • Words are words and if he isn't setting any plans or actions with those words than that same line could be use for multiple women.

  • Sounds like he wants to be with you.

    • So him saying if our situation was different is him saying he wants to still be with me

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    • He's in another country.

    • There are much larger problems in life. Distance can be as hard, or as easy, as you make it.

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