What do I do? even if there is nothing I can do lol, I still don;t want to give up. ... ?

So... I'm the worst when it comes to introductions... soo... I'll just spill it all out, there is this one guy I have liked... even loved for a really long time. He used to study in my school, so I'm quite familiar with him, we have even talked for once or twice and I know how stupid it all sounds, I just can't help myself. I always visit his games and all... and I remember once he kept looking up while he noticed me... and there was this moment, you know... when you can't look away from someone and he didn't look away until his friend and my friend called us at the same time, so it was a little bit awkward but anyways... I noticed him looking up in my direction during game "brakes" but I dunno, maybe I didn't see it right? but my friend told me thaat he actually was looking in our direction, and dunno. I tried adding him on a social media but he didn't even respond to my request, that was a REALLY bold move for me, so when I learned that he had logged in after I had sent the request and definitely ignored it, I declined the offer... he is having a game again... and well... it's one of the most important games in this year and welp... while when we had that... awkward situation THAT time andwell... the arena was literally empty... (BTW I visited that game coz my classmates were playing too, so it wouldn't look weird) this time, the tickets are all sold out and everything... well he definitely won't notice me, and there is no chance I would even approach him to talk with him, I know for sure that I'm stupid lol... there is no possibility that he will ever notice me.. I mean, I'm being realistic rn, he probably doesn't even know my name or what I look like. and that's the most disappointing thing for me but I dunno... I had tried to kick him out of my head... I really have... but it isn't working... I really do like him very much, and even if he doesn't know it, I will always support him. I guess... that is what really matters... and he will never know.


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  • Become his friend and takes things slow and when you see him again say hi but be yourself.

    • and the problem is... he has already graduated while I'm in the last year, and we don't have any mutual friends like... how do I become his friend, he didn't even pay attention to the friend request I stupidly sent to him... gosh, I feel retarded...

    • That’s a tough question because if he’s going to college he’s probably on the pursuit of meeting different females and that will leave you confused if you do pursue him.

    • Idunno, he will probably go to the university but I’m not sure if he will do it rn coz he is a professional sportsman

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