Do you think he was truthful or full of it?

During the entire time I’ve known my now ex he always talked about work and his personal goals. Such as making x amount of money by the time he is 30 and getting higher within his own company he works for, starting his own company one day, and buying another house. It’s something he talked about constantly and what he felt he needed to do. As time went on in the relationship his job started to get extremely busy and require a lot more from him with longer hours and a weekends. Then he said if he’s going to be working his tail off he needs to at least take care of himself by going back to the gym and eating better. Then a week or so later he breaks up with me.

His reasoning was he doesn’t think he is ready for a serious committed relationship like he thought he was and doesn’t want one with me or anyone because he sees this as his time to really put in work at his job and it’s his opportunity he feels. He used to say he wasted a year of his life doing drugs and being dumb so he brought that up and sees this as his redemption toward working towards his goals. He said he liked me and enjoyed our time together but isn’t emotionally available and told me as soon as he knew for sure he wouldn’t be able to move forward.

Also though, a week later he went back on bumble and updated his bio and a photo saying me and my dog. Work gym diet. Trying to retire early so I can see how flat the earth is.
His sister also still likes me stuff and responds to posts of mine. She even told me recently how she thinks I deserve everything and she thinks I’m amazing.

You may think why does it matter but it does to me. Ultimately I would like your guys’ opinion. And I am still continuing to move on the best I can this is just holding me back a little bit.


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  • Sounds mostly truthful to me. Which part did you think he exaggerated?

  • From what I understood it seems like he's giving up a awful lot of his time to his job so that part is definitely truth. He sounds like an ambitious guy who wants to spend the beginning of his adulthood focusing on his career so he can relax a bit more when he gets older. I really liked the fact he's also trying to keep up his shape by going to the gym. Definitely sounds like a down to earth goal driven dude. I can respect that!
    As for the bumble thing, he still has his sexual needs. He probably uses that as a mean to hook up with some girls without any serious atatchement.
    I'd advise you to also focus on improving yourself and your life. And if a serious relationship is something that interests you right now then get out there and date some other guys.


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