When will it stop hurting? When will my life go back to normal? When will it stop?

I liked a bad boy. I didn't know he was a bad boy. Truthfully, I never even knew why I liked him.

We're opposites. I'm introverted and I isolate myself a lot.

He's extroverted, egoistic and things I'm not attracted too.

But for some reason I felt like I could trust him and tell him things and he retaliated on me and went full crazy and I ghosted him.

He was white and said he liked me, but I thought he was black... He talks too much but he says I do. But I don't.

He like white blonde girls who take naked pics on Instagram.

I never felt so hurt I completely ghosted his ass. I rarely do that to people I get attached too, but I did.

I don't care about a stupid, lying drunk. But I wish I could cut my heart out and feed it to the pigs. Then I wouldn't have to feel anything.


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  • the worst types are bad boys/girls, players the lot of them, they work their way in tell you whatever you wanna hear... then once they got what they wanted they drop you harder than anything...

    does sound like a player tbh

    either way it does get easier, and you will be more wiser cos of it, but I would suggest never do anything you will regret, he obviously wasn't worthy of your trust or love, if he was he wouldn't have never treated you that way, and never broke your trust in him

    • I never gave him sex. But he disrespected more than any other girl who gave it up to him easily and willingly. I don't even know why I liked him. I never touched him, but I liked talking to him.

    • ok I misunderstood, my apologies

      does sound like he's a player though and you deserve someone who will be respectful all the time not just when it suits them

  • You couldn't tell if he was white or black?
    After reading this post, he sounds like a total piece of.. I don't understand why a girl would lower herself to be with a guy like that.
    He's obviously a user and a player, or thinks he is. You were right to ghost him. Stay away.
    It takes a while for life to go back to normal. My 7 year relationship ended over a year ago and I'm still dealing with it in some ways.
    Find yourself a nice guy you can totally talk to. TALK to, not sleep with. It helps to have a friend who just wants to be there for you, not for the benefits.
    I hope it works out for you.


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