What should I do now after our “first date”?

Well I don’t know if was a “date” but either way I auditioned for a role and I met some new friends it was my first time doing that and one guy helped me a lot, and then he started talking to a girl and it was really weird because she kinda had this vibe like “hey I like you” and I noticed it pretty quickly and so I somehow gave the same vibe to her and so another friend that plays volleyball asked me to go to her game, and I saw it as an opportunity to invite her, and I did and she said yes and we later talked throughout the whole volleyball game, and well she told me that she didn’t want to go fast and I agreed because my last relationship was also kinda fast passed and we decided to be friends so we can get to know each other and because she broke up with her boyfriend in May and she told me that she wanted to be ready and not waste my time by later telling me that she isn’t ready and so I like her I hope she likes me, maybe she said that as a way to nicely reject me, and now I know I should just wait and be patient I texted her a little bit asking her about when are they going to say who got the roles, but I don’t know what to do should I text her and have a conversation with her (not too long) or should I just wait until we see each other again which will probably be most likely


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