What do you all think I should do?

This weekend at the fair my girlfriend threatened to jump off the fares wheel, after opening the door and everything, and kill herself because I wouldn't read an Instagram meme, then today she said I cause all her pain or something; I'm just not sure what to do honestly.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Break up with that crazy, manipulative woman. And don't look back.

    • I've tried, somehow she always convinces me to get back with her and even if I try to separate myself from her she has all my friends and family on her side it seems; they all expect us to get married after the first year but that just isn't what I want.

    • Breakup anyway. Do what you know is right.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Read her instergram meme simple. Maybe she feels don't don't pay attention enough to her I guess. Start taking her more serious. Unless she's crazy? I kinda got a crazy vibe

    • That's the thing, was wanting to enjoy the night and have fun with her by riding the rides and talking with her, I don't really like looking at a little glowing box with someone I want to experience the real world with them, but it seems to be impossible to explain that to her.

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  • How old is she? I’d probably want to tell her parents to get her help and the since you cause her pain, the relationship could not continue.


What Guys Said 1

  • Leave? Sounds horrible, like dealing with a manipulative child.

    • Whatever you do I wouldn't do what she demands; otherwise you might teach her that threatening to kill yourself is a good way to get people to do what you want.

    • I had a friend who actually married a girl who threatened to kill herself if she ever left him (holding a knife to herself one time when they argued). And he stayed with her for a while but thankfully divorced in the end, and he came out so much happier and found a much more sane girl after that. Like no matter what you see in the girl or what she means to you, I figure if you want to preserve your own sanity, you gotta draw some healthy lines... and not tolerating a partner who threatens to kill herself seems like a pretty obvious place to draw some boundaries.

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