Why are you afraid? Part II?

If you're honest with yourself, the majority of you will have to admit you've at one moment, or another in your life, rejected someone.

"... but I let them down easy."

"It was just some random person."

"I just didn't see them that way."

... right?

Who among us says yes to everyone who hits on us, makes a pass, solicits, or asks us out? Who among us feels the exact same way as someone else as they do us EVERY SINGLE TIME?

... so what's your beef? You've rejected others, and want to complain about YOUR fear of being rejected?

What do you do? Do you ghost them? Are you blunt? Do you "let them down easy"?

Come on, now. That is just a little bit hypocritical.

... but these people who pine after you are are as guilty of the same things you are. They're overly over-invested in an idea.

So are you.

Your idea of the person you want to ask out, that's what sparks your fear. That imagined outcome of something that doesn't yet exist.

Think about it. That emotional over-investment has the exact same result as fear, except instead of imagining a worse case scenario, you imagine a best case scenario to a situation that doesn't yet exist.

To put it bluntly, in emotion: you care too much. In fear: you care too much.

I'm not asking you to stop caring about someone. Im asking you to learn to be objective.

I am not often rejected... and when it does hapoen, who cares?
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