Do girls lie about not liking/wanting someone?

I asked if she liked me (through texting) and she said she no, but in person she acts totally different, she keeps looking at me and touching and other stuff...


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  • Yes they do, and it is understandable.
    Some guys do it as well. They like a girls but they don't want to be seen with her in public or introduce her to his parents.

    Same in your situation, she might like you but she is not ready to let you know and make it official.

    Perhàbs she is just been nice with you or you are interpreting her body language the wrong way.

    Maybe, you are on her friendzone and she can treat you like a really good friend and refuse anything else.

    Or even she is a player and keeping you close by while she talks to his main guy, she is deciding who is better to go out with but meanwhile she is keeping you both close by been flirty.

    We don't know what her true intentions are. Only she and her bff's will probably know.
    This is because females consider a load of factors when taking a decision on a guy.

    This factors can be if her friends like him, if they look good together, if he is good lucking and kind, could he be a good dad and take care of a family financially, can he make her laugh, can he protect her and her kids from dangers, is he smart enough to have good conversations, is he dominant enough to take decision,... The list goes on and is diverse depending on the girl

    But in general, that is how it goes. Sometimes if you are very persistent and do the right moves you can change her mind and make her give you a chance. In others, if you keep insisting you could loose a friendship.

    Is all about reading her body language and knowing her well enough to know how she thinks and when a "no" actually means a "yes" and viseversa.

    Hope that helps, good luck ✌️

    • Thanks dude, very helpful!

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