In a tough spot. I want to text/call to escalate relationship, but she didn't respond to my last text...?

Today is the second day in a row I texted her. I was asking her about coming down to visit and the last thing she said was that she had a friend near me and if she visited him she would come see me. I said "Yeah you should do that! When would that be?"

She didn't respond to that. I'm very sure she likes me. Her best friend almost gave it away and I've asked questions before on here. 99% of the responses said she was really into me. People called me an idiot for not making a move.

I want to call her to escalate things, but is it a better idea to not contact her for a few days and see what happens?

I hate these stupid rules but if I talk to her too much I'm labeled "desperate". Did I already f*** everything up?


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  • You didn't mess anything up. You should wait for her to get in touch with you, you've already put it out there. If she's interested she will get back to you.


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