How should I interpret this all?

I've known him since June. Our 1st date was in August. We went on our 2nd date. He invited me to watch a movie at his place and I drove about 1 hour. After the movie he put on a spotify list and we just talked a lot. About friends, family, our plans the next few days and what we did the past days, childhood memories,.. We talked from 10 pm til 2:30 am.

When it got later he moved closer (just our shoulders touching) and he even touched my hand to feel if I was cold. He also touched my arm (in a non-creepy way). He let me use him as a pillow and he rested his head on mine. When we talked our heads turned and our heads touched sometimes.

Sometimes we stared in each other eyes for like 10 or more seconds. By the end he walked me to my car, we hugged again, he stared again.
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  • He put out a great show we have to give him that.

    As how we can interpret this well, ask 5 guys what was his intentions and they all will tell you he wanted sex. Ask 5 girls and at least 3 will say he likes you and wants a relationship.
    This is because males and females see things differently, in the mind of a guy sex is always a priority and when dating that is one of the main goals specially at your age range. Guys will say, he did was supper persistent. After the movie he didn't let you go he went on and talk to you hoping you will give out, and when he didn't he tried some physical contact and still you didn't give him some.
    Girls will say, that was great. I wish many guys will have long conversation like the one you had and he even walk you to your car. Shows he is really into you.

    So what you want to get out of it, is on you. The guy wanted sex is a fact! But he went on and did much more than the average nexflix nd chill guy will do to get in your pants. Perhàbs he will keep persistent until you give out, maybe he gave his best and he will find you a lost cause. I don't know. But we can't deny he did put out a great effort into you.

    Now, some points you should take notes on.

    I don't know how many dates you have been on, but unless you really trust him you should be in an alone place with him. Meaning, knowing his friends, family, and social media so you know he is really the person he say it is. There are females who are careless about this and will go into the guy place without truly knowing him, which can be risky.

    Second, you should note that the sex rule is for you to give it at least 4-6 months into the relationship. If you truly want something serious. This way you can be really sure he is in with you because of the love and commitment and not the sex. So as what I have seen he will continue to put pressure on you to take you to bed but is on you to decide if you want to give out or take him seriously and make him wait.

    Good luck ✌️


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