Should I shoot my shot?

There is this guy I use to be in LOVE with but it was painfully cuz he had a girlfriend (I never tried anything out of respect) but now im kinda over him like I still have feelings but it doesn't hurt anymore he is also single now and I wanna know if I should try to get with him. I want to because maybe it could turn into a great relationship but I don't want to because I don't wanna get hurt if we break up on a bad note
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  • Ugh... click bait. You had me excited, i thought you had an actual shot. The disappointment.

    anyway, there is nothing wrong with taking your shot... this is actually the perfect time to do it. Previously would have been horrible because you were obsessed with him, but now it sounds like its a healthy "like" with a willingness to try. I say go for it... and if you really wanna give it a jump start... ask HIM out...


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  • Life is all about taking risks if you never try to step out of your comfort zone you'll never improve as a person. Go for it, if you eventually end up breaking up it's just another highschool dating experience that will be forgotton with time.

  • Yea go for it. And if you think he likes you make the first move. Hell love you even more for it. And even if he doesn't, hell respect you more because it showed confidence and girls dont always make the first move. So either way it will be good for you

  • if you both single and you both interested why the hell not, take a chance and who knows


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