A little confused- guys are confusing?

Okay so I"m a little confused about this guy I started seeing... so here the story
So we went out on a dinner date which was great we had sushi, walked around a few stores then we just hung out int he car and just talked.
Later we text each other and both said it was a great date and we decided to go on a second one. But It was my turn to pick what to do. So I ask him if we were still on to go out on the second date and he said he wasn't feeling good enough to go out cause he got some new medicine which was making him feel like crap.
So today he got his meds sorted out and just by his text I have a bad feeling he might not be interested anymore.
reason is he usually texts back quickly and he been slowing down and it doesn't seem to be interested in want I'm saying.

So I don't know if I should wait a day and see if he makes an effort to message me back or should I text after a day asking if he is still interested in going out again?


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