Where can I invite a guy I like for date?

So Ik this guy since October 2016, we both have been through a lot together and gotten strong connection one time and stronger feelings through this time. We went on date December 2016 and one time in 2017, we worked in same job , gave me rides home, texted daily, etc. we didn’t talk for 2 months may-June cuz we fought but in July he invited me for date and we met at a nice lake/Park, talked, went to cafe, sightsee and drive around city in car, made out & then got dessert n talked more. It was sweet n I felt happiest girl after. I moved to different city and he changed his night job to daytime and started college & is almost done to transfer. He likes museums, sightseeing, car does, movies, I want to invite him to a place where we can walk n enjoy but I don't know where and movie I don’t want to do. I need ideas.


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  • Send him a message and ask if he wants to go to the movies with you.

    • I feel the movies is boring lol well on this date I don't know if i want to do that 😂

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    • Sounds cool, good luck

    • But it is far 🙁 from me cuz I moved but I’ll see...

  • How about no where and just leave him the hell alone.


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