How do you ask a girl who you are attracted to on a date. I mean like what would you say is the best way to go about doing that?

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  • Usually the smoothest way I've found is to connect the conversation to an invite. For a very generic example, if the subject veers towards food, and the girl mentions she loves Italian food, then you invite her to your favorite Italian restaurant. It flows very naturally when you can do it that way, and it helps to be prepared and know some places around your area of all sorts to which you can invite the girl based on whatever conversation subject you happen to be having whether it's music or food or a physical activity or whatever.

    • As for overall attitude, I just talked to a girl almost like I would a friend, and invite her to hang out almost like I would a friend. That might seem like it'd carry the risk of being friend-zoned after, but if she agreed and we went on the date, I'd really turn up the heat at my point and make it clear I wanted to be much more than friends on the date.

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