Is my boyfriend not satisfied?

My boyfriend and I been dating for 8 months. I love him and he says he loves me. He said he wants kids with me and wants to be together forever (he said he was looking for a serious solid relationship when we met). But my boyfriend has ADHD which causes him to glance at things.. everything seems like. Since I'm insecure when he glances at other girls I get insecure even more cause in my mind I'm thinking he wants her. We went in the store and he was touching everything on the shelves and when walking by aisles he would glance down every aisle. Sometimes glances twice at girls. Is he serious about me? He said we make a good couple. I went to a college party and he said "if any guy tries anything with you. You tell him I'll fucking kick his ass". I met his family and friends.


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  • in the old days having adhd was simply called being a cunt. if you can accept his faults and are going into it with your eyes open i see no reason to worry too much about his actions unless he becomes abusive

  • I'm a very attentive individual as well and I do the same exact thing. I keep my head on a swivel and always know what's going on around me just to make me more comfortable and satiate my anxiety. I'll look twice at both women and men while both by myself or with my girlfriend so I can understand the environment better. Please DO NOT get on him about this because I don't know your situation, but most guys (like myself) will notice an attractive woman in passing, then never think about her again. He isn't trying to cheat on you and he still loves you, he's just being a normal, biological Male. I promise you, if he was dating some other girl and you walked by he would definitely notice you. Again, he isn't a bad guy, he's normal and he'll always come home to you, think about you, and love you.


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