Why does my boyfriend get insecure that I’m at college?

He is insecure that he won’t fit into my life while I’m here. He has a full time job now and graduated last year. He is afraid i will forget about him once i join new clubs and meet new people, and that when i graduate in May and get a job, i won’t want him anymore. It makes me sad, like he doesn’t trust in my feelings for him.


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What Guys Said 2

  • If he is that insecure, you should break up with him now.

    • It already caused an issue when I went to a club meeting and my phone was on silent, and I got home later than expected :/

    • That doesn't change what I said. You should break up with him now.

      If you don't break up with him now, you will break up with him later. I promise.

    • I never said it to try and change what you said lol. I was saying, it already causes issues :/

  • U said it because he is insecure that is the reason itself

    • Yeah but why, i don’t get it.

    • Because he has trust issue or because he is not mature enough to be in a relationship

What Girls Said 1

  • He's just insecure. And the reason for that is low self esteem. He doesn't believe he's good enough to be paid attention to when you finally occupy your time with other activities and new people.

    • Do you think there’s anything I can do?

    • U know what, going to college, meeting new people, and still being with him and giving him the same attention will be enough of a proof and relief for him.

    • Thank you. Yeah, I hope that that can be enough for him. I don’t like seeing him feel insecure.

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