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So I was probably friend zoned awhile back. This girl dated another guy. Well they broke up 4 months ago. Any way she thought some one was breaking in her house. Her door was open. But an hour later she called me asking if I would come look around just to ease her mind. So I did. Well she apologized about how tall her grass was. Said her sons dad kept saying he would come mow it. Never did. So I offered. Do you guys think that’s digging me more in the friend zone or helping get out of it?


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  • Getting you out of it. You are doing what her ex promised to do and didn't.

    • Thanks! What else should I do to keep getting out? I can’t tell if she likes me or not.

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  • Coming from someone who's a player in theory, but in reality the king of the friendzone:
    It seems she does care greatly for you, so you could make a move to get out of the friendzone, but if you keep running errands for her and tending to her every need without letting her know that you're interested in her, you are digging your own grave in front of the friend-ville church.

    • How can I let her know? I’ve asked her to do stuff and she was busy. Which she is being a mom, going to school full time and working full time. But was wondering if this helped me and I was the only one who came to help her

    • Just tell her, or better, ask her out. Ask her if she wants to go on a date or 'hang out, just the two of you'

    • Thanks!

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