Should I tell her?

Me and this girl like each other. She agreed to hang to out but my car is in the shop for a few months.

Im scared to tell her because I don't known if she would want to be driving all the time.


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  • I see, well first of all you need to be co conscious about girls outlook on a possible partner. They consider a load of factors not only the fact that you don't have transportation at the moment.

    Tho, there will be some girls that are honest and will refuse anyone who doesn't have a car. That is the reality for some.

    In your case you should definitely tell her.
    1. Because if you don't that will mean you are holding secrets to her and she will loose trust in you.
    2. You will test her our, does she really like you? If so she wouldn't mind if you don't have a car at the moment.

    There are other ways you can go about this. To do have friends or family members living close to you? You can ask her to borrow the car every so often, even renting it from them. I mean if you did so once a week it wouldn't be much. Also try visiting local, meaning taking the bus or train to her house then walking to a near by part or cafee ext. Or you can also be honest and tell her that to be fair you will paid her all or half the gas she uses while driving to dates. Do girls will take it well other doesn't so be careful on that.

  • Walk.


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