I did something stupid?

I went to see a psychologist and i got diagnosed with bpd... now i lied ofcourse during my intake... but i am not emotionally unstable at all besides the fact i felt i dont know weird and anxious about my life... so now for the rest of my life it says im crazy... wtf do i need to do now


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  • Why did you lie? BPD does not mean that you are crazy; it is a personality disorder. You should be in treatment for awhile to discuss this with a therapist who has experience with BPD.

    • it was all calculated.. ipretended i had bpd

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    • It is possible that the psychologist saw through your attempted deception and accurately diagnosed you.

    • well is wanst a real diagnosis a preliminary one

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  • Why did u lie?

    • i didn't wanted to tell her how i really felt

    • Get another therapist to disagree with the first diagnosis.

      And dw. Medical records are private under HIPAA. REALLY fucking private. Like you can go to jail and be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars if you reveal them.

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  • You don't have to lie to them about anything. They keep whatever you tell them as secret and only cares about them. You should be open if you are going to a psychologist. It should be the only place where you don't need to feel worried or ashamed on anything, since they will never judge you.


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