First time he ever cheated, with his exfiance. Doesn't tell rebound girl. Can he take them seriously?

So I cheated with my exfiance 7 months after I broke his heart. (mine too) I wasn't ready, and we fought like crazy. But still ended it with forever. Until he thought I was dating he chose a "rebound" girl. I had been telling him things have changed and why I'm ready to fall in love with him and start forever. Slept together, he freaked out, and got scared. I should have respected the fact we needed to continue to be friends before he could trust me again. But accidents occur and exfiances freak out. And tell the girl. Not fair to him really. But he really f'ing hurt me whether he meant to or not. So basically he hates can't bare to look at my face hate. I ruined his life twice etc... It was selfish, I guess but he was with someone and I was single so after doing the deed I was internally crushed. We should have kept it at friends and I know we would be getting back together. If he has lied to his rebound girl, which he actually seems to care for. She thinks they are "meant to be" I think she is f'ing naive and stupid. I don't know how men get out of things. But this girl has got to be dense. Can he ever take them seriously? If he knows he can hurt her once? I said to him you never would have ever cheated on me in a million years, hence a lifetime, even in the beginning. And he said hurt, because I thought you were the one. :( What do you guys think. We have been so hateful I couldn't bare to be around him. I am moving on like everyone says to. But I can't help but think they will break up because of his guilt for lying to her, I mean how do you guys take a relationship seriously and really believe? He is a true romantic so I would be shocked.?


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  • ok everyone makes mistakes the way I see cheating is if it was once and it was just a one time sex lust thing then maaaaaaaybe over time it can be forgiven but not forgotten memorys of such things makes us stronger and more aware of the reality of this world the way to tell if a guy is serious about relationships is simple no matter how different guys are to each other its like a universal sign if a guy gets hurt and finds a girl and hurts them its not he doesn't take a relationship serious its his way of revenge...stupid I know but not all guys are like that honest.. the way he sees it is the old line all girls are the same one hurts me so il give it back now he's got it out of his system he won't do it again even if he gets hurt again because now he sees what he has done he won't have it in him to do it again but I don't think he's taking the rebound girl serious though I think he was just being a horrible person an chooses someone to hurt but we all mess up were human an all bleed the same I think when he finds the right person as you will to you both will realize that your relationship with each other was never gonna last and the cheating was a sign to say this, if you cheat or think about it it means your not ment to be together so don't take the relationship serious because clearly it isnt, nice and simple if a guy doesn't cheat, doesn't spend his time with other girls and makes you number one and shows you every day how much he cares then he's a nice guy an he takes it serious if he doesn't wanna take further steps in the relationship and talks to other girls and etc then he is just having fun which goes for girls aswell, I think my answer is confusing so il end it with this you can't truly no if someone takes a relationship serious unless they actuelly show you, by like I said before devoting themselves to choice if he chooses to spend his free time with you and not others he values what you have hope this helps


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