Date a man who is like a project?

I m dating a guy who is loyal but inconsiderate/selfish. He is really close with his family. his parents live 10 min away and take care of/feed him a lot. He is 30 and had 3 girlfriend before. But he never tried to integrate those girls into his family (including me) and he finds reasons to break up when the girls want marriage. Dating him is like having a project and I have to tell him to do everything bc he won't do it if I dont say. I feel its not that he doesn't know how to do it but maybe he never sees his girlfriend as his future wife. I like him because we have a lot in common and can understand each other well, but not sure if its worth to have a project like this. I wonder if it will ever work out.


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  • I don't' think you'll be able to fix selfish unless he's just oblivious.


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