Getting closer with her by stop trying to get closer?

I am dating a girl and I find a counter-intuitive phenomenon...

We have been knowing each other in school for more than a year, and whenever I get closer and closer to her in our relationship, she will suddenly distance herself (Replies texts slowly or even ignoring them, tries to become cold and distant).
To reply to her action, I sometimes show that I am not interested in her anymore. One time one of her friends asks whether we are officially couples, I told her we never did, and jokingly said you can say we broke up. Since she is looking at me and her friend at a distance, I saw her really sad and gloomy when I act like I don't care about her anymore.
Few days later, she asked me out through hints and we went on our first date. We became hot again and we went out with only 2 of us couple more times the next 2 months.

Here comes the problem:
Recently, she has been cold and distant again, she again replies texts very slowly. She told me she was very busy because of new university life and part-time work (both of us went to different universities).
Deep inside me, I fear that another man appeared and she is not interested in me anymore. But what I was trying to do now, is to use the same old trick, by showing I do not care about her. It indeed feels so heartbroken, but is this counter-intuitive way by not texting her and not planning date with her a good way to get through this cold and distant period?


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  • No. That's playing games. I don't like games.

    • Well I don't like girls who ignores me either.

    • Maybe she doesn't want to talk to you because you're not wrapped too tight.

    • What do you mean by wrapped too tight? Also, wouldn't she text me in free time even though she is busy? I am afraid "busy" is just an excuse.

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