How do I approach her if im “the new quiet kid in school”?

Kay so basically im new at my school and im the type of student who doesn’t talk much. Thankfuly I’ve made some friends and im getting more comfortable. Saying that I’ve noticed that a cute girl is looking at me during math, English and religion class and tbh I don't know how to approach her since she’s kind of like me, she doesn’t talk much etc... Plus i feel like she’s out of my league. Im afraid that if i do approach her i will randomly stop talking since im not that much of a talker unless im very comfortable with the person. What do you think?


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  • Well, do you like to write notes because you could put a cute card in her locker and but sometimes you have to put your fear aside and go for it because if you don't she might think you don't like her seeing that she is also quiet like you... But you guys will bond well not because she is pretty means she is out of your league

    • But the note thing isn’t kinda creepy?

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    • Hmm okay. But what if i approach her directly should i initiate with saying did u do your homework or something like that?

    • Yeah you can even make jokes about the teacher nothing disrespectful tho

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